PRAYER – MAY 23, 2010


Prayer Ministry 2010

Thank you for your prayer.  I am requesting special prayer for the next month.  We would like to see our online ministry much more effective and I need to learn considerably more about updating and making our site more interactive.

If you have suggestions about the site, please forward them to me as soon as you can.

We got a praise item from one listener who is rejoicing that two grand children of hers just graduated from seminary with a brilliant record.  How good is our God to reward their diligent work.

We also had a request for traveling mercy.  We are grateful for their safety.

We have ongoing needs for children to grow up to follow our Lord fully.

We have employment needs to hold up to our Lord.

We have some health needs among our ministry team members.

We have some widows who are dealing with their losses and we have some quite elderly folks who are needing care daily.

Thanks for reading and your participation with us. If you have given financially that is a blessing as well.

Jed N. Snyder
Jesus Every Day Ministries