Jesus Christ – Savior, Lord, Healer, Helper

The ministries of Jesus Every Day continue under the guidance of the Holy Spirit supported by each one who prays, gives, volunteers and encourages others to do the same. Our gratitude cannot be fully expressed but “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Ken Rose, with his eight-year-old son, Daniel, came to South Carolina for the funeral of their grandmother and great grandmother, Marie Dannelly. She is at home with our Lord Jesus Christ, having left a legacy of love and selflessness that was hers because of her love for Jesus Christ. Her beloved husband, Joe, went home first several years ago. We can only imagine what paradise is like for the two of them as they have joined the millions who have gone before. Happiness and peace must characterize them and is our anticipation as well. Because Ken has been able to be here, we are connecting with, strategizing with, and encouraging each other. They will be here most of the month. If you should like to meet them, let us know.

It is with joy that we can report that our Lord has helped some who are hurting. He is healing deeply hurt spirits and is giving grace for daily living. There are still serious battles being fought that need your prayer. Prayer is powerful.

We have received enough support to be able to purchase 400 DVDS of the Story of Jesus. We now need wisdom to distribute them. There are open doors but please pray for more.

As we put together our budget for 2012, please pray for the Board to have wisdom and faith. May the year ahead be full of successful spiritual ministry. If you can contribute a year-end or Christmas gift to help us end this year “in the black,” that will be deeply appreciated.