Jed N. Snyder, D. Min., CNC., President/Founder  Jesus Every Day Ministries, Inc.



There is a fascinating story that we all can consider.  There was a man who was having a very successful campaign.  He had seen many unusual  amazing and events.  People were following his advice and even his opponents were being “turned.”  Then in a quick moment, he moved from this situation to one which seemed most unlikely.  He was sent to a desert highway.  He was not sure of what was ahead.  But because he trusted the advice he had been given he went to this unlikely place.  Things got even more interesting when he was told to approach a complete stranger.  This stranger was an important governmental leader.  When a stranger approaches an important person without an intermediary, the results often are not pleasant.  But this man proceeded.  What he found made him realize that this sudden departure from apparent success to an uncertain situation was truly a great opportunity.

Opportunities are often disguised with uncertainty and even danger.  Is the outcome worth the risk?  Is that which must be left behind too important or too precious?  When is an opportunity just a foolish undertaking and when is it a wise albeit risky adventure.

If you are familiar with the New Testament, you may recognize the story of Philip when he was directed by an angel from the Lord to leave his successful work to go to one individual who he has never met.  The Treasurer of Ethiopia was reading about Jesus Christ from a prophetic passage.  Philip was needed to explain the message, lead this official to faith, baptize him, and send him home with a commission to share the message with others.  I wish I could have observed this moneyman explain to the Queen the message of faith in Jesus Christ.

When opportunity is real and advice is trustworthy, one should welcome it even when it is full of difficulty and uncertainty.  Why not consider those unexpected challenges as new opportunities and evaluate if the one giving advice is worthy.  If the advice comes from an angel of the Lord, it can be trusted.  Just be sure it is the right kind of angel.  If the advice come from the Bible and it is understood with the help of godly men and women, then take the wisdom and enter the opportunity.  Maybe you will reach a new nation just like Philip did!

Remember that all of us believers have this wonderful promise-


 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  The Holy Bible, Philippians 4:13.

May many wonderfully difficult opportunities be yours.

MARCH 2012

March Forward

Some say March madness when referring to collegiate basketball tourneys. Some call it March gladness when referring to new opportunities for ministry. We call it March forward since there are so many opportunities to serve the Lord.

We continue to counsel, teach, preach, write and mentor. We continually look to ways to move forward in the glorifying of our Lord and Savior. We are very grateful that we receive financial encouragement from some of you and prayer encouragement from many more. We do need it. Please accept our thanks. In addition to personal support for the Snyders and Rose families there is opportunity for you to be part of spreading the gospel by providing DVDS and gospels and tracts. As we have said before, ten DVDS only cost $25.00 and 100 Gospels of John only cost $45.00. Many could give these small amounts monthly and we hope you will consider this opportunity.

One new little thing to report is now, Jed Snyder, our President, has received his certification as a non-profit consultant. So the CNC behind his name refers to Certified Non-profit Consultant through the National Development Institute. He will be looking for openings to help non-profits or those seeking to set up non-profits. If you are interested or know someone who may be, please direct them to Jed. He will work out a proposal with them if they want to move forward.

It will be helpful if you will remember to uphold the work in the Philippines with Ken and Lilia Rose. Ken received an honorary doctorate due to his outstanding service there over many years. They are constantly reaching out to needy folks.