JUNE 2012

In the last month I have been working very diligently to get men (some women but I deal with more men) to read their Bible’s daily. My rational is firstly to help them deepen their relationship with God, Himself. Secondly, I want them to stay spiritually healthy. Most of us know almost instinctively that we must feed ourselves daily in order not to become weak. Similarly, spiritual nutrition must be a daily matter or we will weaken spiritually. Thirdly, it is important to get the right counsel for daily living. The Word of God is the only truly reliable source for daily living advice. Recently my wife was told that the advice she had gotten from a trusted physician was not really good for her. Most of the time we trust our physicians, but they even fail us. However, Biblical advice never fails.

We are working on two important new projects. Zaporozyhe Bible College and Seminary has again extended an invitation for me to teach there this fall. From October 8-18th, I plan to teach the Book of Acts to students there. Between now and then, I must prepare about 30 lectures (classes are 75 minutes long) and two examinations, send them to the college to be translated for the students. I must also raise about $4500-5000 to cover the trip costs. $2250 is given directly to the college, the remainder pays my travel, and living expenses while there. I am grateful that a bit over 10% has already been given. I need an additional $1000 soon to purchase the airline ticket at a favorable rate. Please pray with us about both aspects of this trip. We have a flyer to send to anyone who is interested in praying or giving or both.

The second new project is the development of a “vetted” list of reliable service providers to help meet the needs of folks who are struggling. Counseling from a truly Biblical basis is urgently needed. Food, clothing, and shelter are needed. Suicide and battered women hotlines need to be publicized. Shelters exist but often are under-staffed or not well known. Our list is designed to be a go-to place to find reliable help for needy folk. Obviously, this is an ambitious task but one well worth the effort.

We are grateful for some volunteer help. If you would like to serve with us, please write at jsnyder@jedministries.com or call 781-888-1642.

Thanks again for being part of this vital evangelistic/teaching ministry.