Greetings from the Philippines

Greetings from the Philippines

Thank you for your constant prayers for the work here.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of preaching a series of sermons at a funeral program that ran for 9 nights. The family and neighbors gathered at the home of the dead man each night for the program.

Last week I attended the final classes in Tagbilaran to complete my studies toward a Doctorate of Divinity focusing in Missions. On Saturday I brought Lilia, Daniel, Timothy, several of the members of the Church and some pastor friends to the graduation ceremony in Tagbilaran.

We had been praying about the future of a mission to help the blind and looking for options to continue the program after having the funding from the Korean Government cut off. The church board has decided to continue the program and trust God to provide the finances for it to continue. This is an answer to prayer.

Daniel’s broken bone in his foot is healing well. I removed the cast myself several weeks ago and his foot is regaining its strength. LaRaine sent Daniel a pair of high back running shoes to protect his feet that he wears to school now.

The youth program at our church has just started meetings on Friday nights again. I preached there last night. It is encouraging to see how many young people are participating. Some of the youth (including James and some of his cousins) have started an evangelistic outreach program of there own on Saturday afternoons.

I put some recent pictures up at

Ken and Lilia Rose Internet Cafe
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Report from the Roses in the Philippines

Report from the Roses in the Philippines

LaRaine, Daniel and I arrived back in Bohol Christmas morning.

It has been raining a lot here since we arrived. I patched a few holes in the roof above our bed and in the living room with tar.

Last night I preached at a funeral of an elderly woman at one of our outreaches. This funeral will continue for 9 nights.

We visited the site of a newly completed well we organized and talked to the residents there. I put some pics on Facebook.

Use my email address to find me on face book.

Today we are preparing for the Thanksgiving/Christmas program at our church tomorow.

Mum is visiting her place on Jao now.

I was able to collect 8 working musical instruments from the US and and excited to start a church band. This may take some time as the musicians will need a lot of practice and lessons before performing.

Thank you for your prayers and assistance with the work we are doing here.

Ken and Lilia Rose Internet Cafe
Mumar Bldg. CPG Ave.
Poblacion, Talibon
Bohol Philippines 6325

Phone +63 919 694 5525


Things Displeasing to God – from Matthew
By Johnny Hunton

I have given a study from Matthew regarding the things pleasing to god from Matthew. Here is a list of things that displease God.

5:27-28 – adultery and looking lustfully at women who are not your marriage partner
5:31-32 – divorce (also Matthew 19:3-9)
5:34 – swearing
5:38-39 – getting even for offenses done to you
6:1-4 – giving alms/offerings to be seen of men
6:5-8 – praying to be seen of men
6:15 – not forgiving offenders
6:16 – fasting with a sad countenance and disfigured face to be seen of men
6:19 – laying up treasures upon Earth
6:24 – serving two masters
6:31 – worrying about the future
7:1-2 – judging others
7:15 – heeding false prophets (also 24:11)
7:21-23 – “sayers” and not doers
7:24-27 – not practicing the sayings of Christ
10:32-33 – denying Christ
12:31 – blaspheming
15:8-9 – drawing near to God with lips, but the heart not right with Him
18:1-4 – being proud
18:6 – offending children
24:4-8 – being troubled by deceivers and by rumors of war
24:42-44 – not watching and being ready for the return of Christ
24:48-51 – evil servants smiting fellow servants and being drunk
25:14-30 – not using talents wisely
25:31-46 – not caring for or helping the hungry, thirsty, naked, nor visiting the sick or prisoners

For success in pleasing God, believers must yield daily to the Holy Spirit. His power is that which we need to do right!


Fall Forward

It seems a bit too early but fall weather has arrived here in South Carolina. It is still very mild compared to many parts of the country but there is a distinctly cooler feel especially to the nighttime hours.

With the cooler weather we often think of plans for the fall and winter and perhaps even start dreaming of spring again.

In the Jesus Every Day Ministries we are looking to the fall. We are seeking ways to maximize the tracts, dvds and gospels that we are able to purchase. We have not been able to buy as many as we could due to lack of funds so we are attempting to be more judicious about how they are being given away. At the same time we do not want to inhibit the Holy Spirit in his desire to point people to salvation and sanctification in Jesus Christ.

Jed is looking forward to the Ukraine teaching and preaching mission that begins on October 4th. Thanks for praying and giving. He will be teaching about 28-30 sessions that are 75 minutes long. He will likely preach 3-5 times as well so the challenges will be great. Again we thank you for praying.

While Jed is away, Loui Pappas, the secretary to the Jesus Every Day Board of Directors, will be teaching the men’s Bible study and another man from Lexington will be teaching at the center for homeless veterans in Lexington. They will be glad to be offered up to the Lord in your prayers as well.

Please keep praying for volunteers, board members, families and friends. The adversary knows how to attempt to deflate and defeat. However, with the warfare won in prayer, Christ will be victorious and the adversary will be defeated.

The work in the Philippines also continues and needs prayer and financial support. Ken and Lilia with they children are doing a good work. Congratulations to Ken who is now Dr. Ken Rose, having completed his doctoral work about the first of September. This degree should help to open more doors for effective work, perhaps more broadly in the islands than before. Some give faithfully to the Rose’ ministry. Thanks and please don’t let up.