September – Looking Back to See Ahead

Nationally we remember the horrible experiences forever etched into millions of minds as 9/11. The pictures of buildings being destroyed, killing thousands and wounding countless others, as family and friends looked on helplessly, will always occupy a frightful place in our memories. The rushing in by first responders and multitudes of others that day and in the days that followed is a tribute to the moral foundations upon which America the beautiful is built. Let us never forget the family and friends of all these people.

This month in thousands of places across the nation and around the world, Christians will be gathering to pray for our nation. May all of us spend some time remembering and praying. Let us pray for grace to abound for eternal salvation of thousands. Let us pray for wisdom among leaders to advance the cause of truth and righteousness. Let us pray for those still grieving and lonely, missing loved ones and friends. Let us pray for those who are dealing with diseases related to airborne poisons from those tragic collapses. Let us pray for the salvation of our enemies.

Unless we look back and learn from the past, we will not be able to see ahead to a better future. We, our children and grandchildren, our citizens and immigrants, all need to see the weaknesses and sins of the past while focusing upon the goodness of the past, in order that we may build upon the good and avoid repeating the sins of the past. Any wise people will look to strengthen weak areas. They will look for strength and build upon it and will admit failures and sins and seek to overcome these.

Unless we personally and corporately have some reflective time, we will inevitably build on the wrong foundation and the collapse that will come later, while it may not be buildings, will be much more devastating as thousands of lives are eternally lost when they could have been saved. Jesus came to save individuals because He knew their spiritual poverty and inability to save themselves. Jesus offers saved individuals the fullness of His Holy Spirit to guide them in caring for each other and using their abilities to make life better for millions because the love of Jesus Christ is lived out in the lives of those who believe and become children of God.

We here at Jesus Every Day Ministries are seeking to help others build on a good foundation. Some with whom we are working, are tearing down unproductive aspects of their past and rebuilding on a better foundation. This is not easy and they need prayer to succeed. Bad habits are hard to deconstruct and the wisdom to build on new, helpful processes is available but must be consistently applied.

Thanks for praying and giving that we can continue to reach out to needy folk with a clear, righteous way of living. We need your prayers and gifts.

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