Things Displeasing to God – from Matthew
By Johnny Hunton

I have given a study from Matthew regarding the things pleasing to god from Matthew. Here is a list of things that displease God.

5:27-28 – adultery and looking lustfully at women who are not your marriage partner
5:31-32 – divorce (also Matthew 19:3-9)
5:34 – swearing
5:38-39 – getting even for offenses done to you
6:1-4 – giving alms/offerings to be seen of men
6:5-8 – praying to be seen of men
6:15 – not forgiving offenders
6:16 – fasting with a sad countenance and disfigured face to be seen of men
6:19 – laying up treasures upon Earth
6:24 – serving two masters
6:31 – worrying about the future
7:1-2 – judging others
7:15 – heeding false prophets (also 24:11)
7:21-23 – “sayers” and not doers
7:24-27 – not practicing the sayings of Christ
10:32-33 – denying Christ
12:31 – blaspheming
15:8-9 – drawing near to God with lips, but the heart not right with Him
18:1-4 – being proud
18:6 – offending children
24:4-8 – being troubled by deceivers and by rumors of war
24:42-44 – not watching and being ready for the return of Christ
24:48-51 – evil servants smiting fellow servants and being drunk
25:14-30 – not using talents wisely
25:31-46 – not caring for or helping the hungry, thirsty, naked, nor visiting the sick or prisoners

For success in pleasing God, believers must yield daily to the Holy Spirit. His power is that which we need to do right!

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