Jed                                  Snyder Jesus Every Day Ministries is lead by Jed Snyder, long time pastor, counselor, teacher, writer and missions enthusiast.

Jed has led churches for over thirty years, has counseled many people some of whom were seriously wounded inwardly, has traveled on short term missions trips, teaching and encouraging local people as well as the missionaries and other teachers.

Having grown up as a missionary “kid” in Bolivia, he experienced cross-cultural life gaining a deep appreciation for differences while learning to accept the people as having similar spiritual and emotional needs as his own.  As a husband, father and grandfather he has been able to contribute while continually learning.  God has given him a passion to share His Word with others personally, in small groups and from many different pulpits.

Volunteers are joining Jed as Directors and as participants in the important work of witnessing to the wonder of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Supporters in prayer, encouragement, finances and other forms of giving are a vital part of Jesus Every Day Ministries, Inc. They help open doors for ministry, provide wisdom to overcome challenges and together are becoming a force for helping people in many places and in many ways.

Please join us as a prayer partner, a supporter financially as the Lord guides and by securing ministry opportunities where we give God’s Word through preaching, teaching and evangelistic efforts both by material distribution and personal witness.

Throughout the website we will be giving further testimonies of God’s blessing and encouragement. You can communicate with us as to your needs, desires, and suggestions. We want to hear from you.