It has been a pleasure in knowing and partnering in ministry
with Rev. Jed Snyder for over 20 years. He has not only been
a faithful support to my ministry by preaching and teaching
with great blessing but has provided personal pastoral
counsel and care to me. Therefore, I without any hesitation
commend Jesus Every Day Ministries and hope you will find much
help and encouragement from God’s Word as delivered by Jed
Snyder and his team.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me.

Glorifying God, Transforming Lives,
Pastor Richard Fleming, Jr.
I have known Pastor Jed Snyder for over 25 years. He has
been a mentor to me especially in the early years of my
ministry and more than anything he has been my friend and
counselor. He has helped me through many of the major
decisions I have made along the way and I heartily endorse
the ministry he is beginning, Jesus Every Day Ministries.

Dr. Robert McAlister
Riverbend Community Church
Lexington, SC

commendation from Alan Sefarian 6’2’2011“I knew Jed when he was a pastor in my home town. I was very impressed with the community leadership he demonstrated. He fought against entrenched special interests and helped effect positive changes in our community.” Alan V. Sefarian, Lexington, MA

commendation from John Hamel 6’2’2011 “Pastor Jed truly has a heart for ministry. He is a faithful friend and has persevered through difficulties so that he could be true to his calling. I never hesitate to follow any advice he offers and have been often encouraged by his Christ-like example.” John Hamel, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Massachusetts

 commendation from Brian Kelley 6’2’2011“Jed is easy to communicate with and cares about the people with whom he works.” Brian Kelley, NLN, Germany 

commendation from Helen Eby 6’2’2011“Jed was the pastor of our church in Lexington, Mass. He was always thorough in his study, and lived in a way consistent with what he said. He is a man of his word.”

Heln Eby, Professional Translator, Homeschool teacher

commendation from Sandy Rockwell, 6’4’2011

 “Jed is a detailed manager who watches the Balance Sheet Like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective.”

Sandy Rockwell, Entrepreneur and Visionary, Business Startups, Executive Management, Accounting and Marketing

 commendation from Michael Creech 7’2011

Dear Jed,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other users.

 “I did Bible study with Jed.  He was always well informed, worked well with others, showed good leadership skills, and had a relaxed and focused approach to all his activities.  I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Michael Creech Service Support Engineer PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences