Thank you for your continued prayer. Our family has had quite an adventure in the last several months.

We have been working on a lot of new programs and outreaches in cooperation with other churches.

James just finished a short holiday with us before returning to Manila to continue studying Electronics Engineering at Mapua. His laptop hard drive crashed and he lost all his data and it was quite a drama to get the old laptop going again with a new hard drive during the first week of classes. He is still looking at options on how to recover data from a formatted hard drive. A local repair store has quoted more than $400 to recover his lost files. I think we can download some free programs that can do the job.

Daniel is now studying 9th grade in Australia. He is staying with his grandma LaRaine in Bendigo. This is the first time he has ever been to Australia so it is quite an experience for him.

On May 11 while doing some major repairs to our roof I fell and broke 4 ribs. I spent a week in the Ubay hospital while they drained blood from the chest cavity to help me breathe. I celebrated my 49th birthday in the hospital. I am recovering well. I still cannot lift heavy things and do not ride the motorbikes. As we rely mostly on motorbikes for our transportation we have had to use our van and other options a lot more. It has been raining a lot so I need to use 4WD to get home.

2 weeks ago, there was an earthquake on the island of Leyte where the geothermal power plants are located that power our island. This is also the same area that was devastated during the typhoon in 2013. The power stations are damaged and could take many months to repair. We have just started receiving some power that has been shared from other areas for several hours each day on a rotational schedule. I bought a battery for our old generator and got it going again. We have been using the generator for a few hours every few days to wash clothes, do important computer work, communications and pump water from our well to our water tank. Yesterday the power was on in the day and out at night. It has been on today so it will probably cut off soon.

Lilia and I just finished translating a small booklet for Bio-organic Farming that we use as part of an evangelistic program we have been doing with local farmers. We teach evangelistic and spiritual growth sessions each week and teach practical farming techniques.

Thank you for your constant prayers,
Ken, Lilia, James, Daniel, and Timothy Rose

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