Jesus Every Day in 2011

Will you consider a question with us? What will you do in 2011 to honor
our Lord Jesus Christ every day? Maybe your answer will be something like this.
I plan to read my Bible and pray every day. If so, that will be an excellent
beginning place. Nourishing your own spiritual person is critical if you plan to
stay healthy and strong for your Lord and for yourself. It is amazing that so
many seem to think of their own personal physical hygiene and nutrition each day
(several times each day) but fail to care equally well for their spiritual life.
Why do you suppose that could be?

Are you involved in commerce, education, industry or any of many forms of service
sector functions? Would you consider, as you begin a new year, what testimony
(witness) you can provide where you work? You may be the only light that shines in
that place. Will you let your light shine in such a way that others will see your good
works? Will they get an understanding that those good deeds spring from Jesus Christ
and his influence in your life? If that happens you will bring glory to our Lord.

Some of you are retired and live in a place where many are close to you? Your late in
life experience can be so wonderfully bright showing others the love of Jesus as you
enjoy him forever.

Nearly everyone of us has at least five neighbors near where we live. Do you pray
frequently for the salvation of each one of them? Do you really “love your neighbor as
yourself?” What will your neighbor say about you, if I were to visit them and ask “does
my friend really care about you? Does she/he show you Christian love?” We have challenged
many to give out a nice little Christmas gift to each of their neighbors. Many responded
to that challenge. Now Christmas is over but Easter is coming? Can we all make a point
of loving our neighbors by Easter this year so that they experience the love of Jesus
Christ through us?

Jesus every day is not just the name of a ministry, we can make it a daily reality as
we seek to reflect the one who has saved us from eternal death.

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