December 2009

Dear Friends,

It has been longer than I would have liked to get this newsletter out. This does not reflect our a lack of appreciation of your prayers and gifts. It is mostly because we have been foreseeing a change but did not know what form that would take.

We now believe that we have direction from the Lord. I will be giving up my work directly with internationals though we are still concerned about their salvation.

For several years I have desired to be able to extend the message of our Lord Jesus Christ and His love to many more people. The decision to begin a ministry especially designed to accomplish this was made. We are calling the new work Jesus Every Day Ministries, Inc. It is incorporated in South Carolina. We have applied for the ability to give tax exempt receipts to donors and hope that this will be granted by IRS by the end of the year. All who want to help us with gifts can give directly to Jesus Every Day Ministries understanding that it will be likely that the gifts are tax exempt but not yet guaranteed. If you need assurance of tax deductibility, you can give to Christian Workers Fellowship, PO Box 1117, Lawrence, KS 66044 and write a note asking Russ Farwell to forward the gift to Jed Snyder. He has assured me that the whole gift will be forwarded.

In the rest of this newsletter you can read of some of the many things we believe God wants for and through us. In letters to come we expect to give more information. Thanks for your support, especially in prayer.