Report from the Roses in the Philippines

Report from the Roses in the Philippines

LaRaine, Daniel and I arrived back in Bohol Christmas morning.

It has been raining a lot here since we arrived. I patched a few holes in the roof above our bed and in the living room with tar.

Last night I preached at a funeral of an elderly woman at one of our outreaches. This funeral will continue for 9 nights.

We visited the site of a newly completed well we organized and talked to the residents there. I put some pics on Facebook.

Use my email address to find me on face book.

Today we are preparing for the Thanksgiving/Christmas program at our church tomorow.

Mum is visiting her place on Jao now.

I was able to collect 8 working musical instruments from the US and and excited to start a church band. This may take some time as the musicians will need a lot of practice and lessons before performing.

Thank you for your prayers and assistance with the work we are doing here.

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