SERMONS: New Testament

Beatitude (Blessing of Jesus) #1 Willingness to Receive

“To teach the ‘poorness in spirit’ that Jesus expressed in order that I may reinforce the humility of my fellow believers and help the unbelievers see their poverty in spirit so that this need can be met in Jesus Christ by faith.”

Beatitude #2 Willingness to Grieve

“To teach what Jesus taught and demonstrated concerning the matter of grief so the Lord’s people may have more of the mind of Christ concerning sin (the main reason for mourning) and thus be able to repent of sin and assist others who are victims or victimizers of the adversary in this matter of sin.”

Beatitude # 3 Meek not Weak

“To teach the unnatural characteristic of meekness, so people may allow the Holy Spirit great freedom to develop this trait in their lives and thereby enhance both their own enjoyment of Christ and their witness to the world.”

Beatitude # 4 Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness

“To teach the meaning of hungering and thirsting after righteousness, so that people may be stimulated in their hungering and thirsting and thus experience inwardly and demonstrate outwardly God’s righteousness resulting in the glory of Christ as seen in reverence for Him among the believers and a repentance to salvation among the unsaved.”

Beatitude #5 Merciful

“To teach the mercy of Christ so that my people may rejoice, be secure and demonstrate that mercy in daily life.”

Beatitide # 6 Pure in heart

“To teach the purity Christ demonstrated and expects for us to be able to see God and thus obey Him in our pure relationships with others.”

Beatitude #7 Peacemakers

Beatitude # 8 Blessed Are the Harrassed

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