Ukraine Teaching Trip

Ukraine Teaching Trip

The New Building

The above is the million dollar building (fully paid for) at Zaporozyhe Bible College and Seminary in Ukraine. It was dedicated to the Lord’s use on Saturday, October 6, 2012. It has faculty offices, a full floor for the library, dorms and guest rooms for visiting teachers. It sits next (not visible) to a classroom building that looks almost like it.

This was given by my class on the last day

These are my students. They all studied really hard and all passed the book of Acts course. The guy to the far right is from Khazakstan.

I am preaching at College Church. The interpreter is also the Academic Dean of the College.

Thanks again to all who prayed and gave and please keep praying and if you can continue to support please do as the Lord may lead.
Can You Help?

We want to make a comprehensive list of service agencies (especially Christian ones) in the Midlands of South Carolina. Will you email me contact information so I can get in touch with such organizations? I have a questionnaire to send them to evaluate their trustworthiness for being listed.

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